Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

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Elizabeth Harrin is from the blog A Girl’s Guide to Project Management. I have been sharing insights to help project managers grow and get their work done with less stress over the past three videos.
This video will cover everything you need about Project Management Rebels. It can help you arrive at work more prepared and better equipped for dealing with the random challenges that life throws at your way.
This program was created because I experienced firsthand the difficulties of working with a mentor. Jo was my mentor when I started out as a project manager. This was before I even had the job title. She didn’t know she was my mentor, I think. She was my inspiration and I asked her many questions. She was generous with her time.
Alison was my mentor in my first job as a PM. She knew she was my mentor. Although it was more formal, we just had coffee together and chatted about work in the staff lounge.
Later, Marina, a newbie in the business, was my mentor. I was offended that she had pink hair. We talked about it. I gave it to her so she could take the feedback and decide what she wanted to do. That was when I realized that I could help people make choices with honesty, transparency and bravery.
It’s important to me that I do the right thing, even if it means having awkward conversations. Telling someone that their hair isn’t the right colour for their career is trivial, but it still made me feel awkward. Another thing that is important to me, is not following the rules when they are stupid. Who cares about your hair color if you are a great project manager – which she was.
I refuse to follow the crowd when they are wrong. If the process tells you to do this, it’s going to fail. To do things right, fair and ethically, we need to adapt our work practices, our behavior, and even our opinions.
You will be noticed for the right reasons, not just because your hair stands out.
Imagine how it feels to be able to enter meetings and hold the floor without getting flustered. Imagine being able to manage conflict gracefully and to be heard by senior management. Imagine being connected to others on the same journey as you… all dedicated to achieving a low-stress, high-confidence situation for themselves so that they can lead their projects strategically and make a difference in their organizations.
Project Management Rebels is for you if you are a project manager and don’t feel like you have a seat at a table or you don’t show up to work with true confidence in yourself, or if you don’t know where to start building your skills so that you feel like you know what your doing at work.
What exactly are Project Management Rebels?
PM Rebels is a mentoring program for teachers. It’s a monthly member community and an e-learning platform that offers dozens of training videos starting at Day 1.
It is aimed at project managers who do not work in a traditional world.
The Membership Site
There are many videos already in the membership site, all aligned with topics on the PMP exam content outline (and other professional bodies schemes, as they all share similar topics).
Eachmonth you get:
A new training video
Answering a member’s question in a virtual coaching video (maybe that is yours).

By Adam