Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

Writing a winning CV is the first step in your quest for the next big career move, as a project manager.
It can be difficult to fit all the experience you have in a project management role onto 2 pages.
Employers want to see your ability to successfully manage projects to completion, not only do you need to present a professional attitude and a clear structure. While every project manager’s resume will be different depending on their industry and discipline, there is one thing that all project managers should have in their CV to get job interviews.
A schedule is a way to determine when tasks should be performed, who will do them, and by what deadline. You will need to have a thorough understanding of scheduling in order to be able to coordinate resources and meet project milestones.
Controlling costs
Project managers are responsible for overseeing and managing expenses. This ensures sponsors are happy and projects continue to be viable and profitable. The project manager must also identify and plan for potential financial risks. You should include examples of budget control in your CV to give employers confidence to invest in you and entrust with their valuable resources.
Risk management
Project managers can minimize the impact of potential threats to their projects and take advantage of any opportunities. Proper risk management allows them to manage risks effectively. Your CV should reflect your ability to see risks early in the project, communicate them, and clarify ownership. Hiring managers won’t be impressed by a CV that does not include risk management.
You will be responsible for leading people to achieve their individual and collective goals as a project manager. Leadership is more than telling people what they should do. It involves motivating, inspiring and influencing others to achieve a common goal. Don’t just state that you can lead people. Show your readers how you lead by detailing your methods, whether they are catch-up meetings or performance reviews.
Methodologies like Prince2 or Agile are rigorous systems of methods that are intended to keep projects on track. Hiring managers will expect to see your methodologies on your resume. Recruiters will often search these keywords in candidate searches. Make sure you include yours, and detail your qualifications and examples of how they were implemented within projects.
Writing business case studies
To gain senior buy-in to initiate projects or tasks, you need strong business cases. A good project manager must have this skill. Your CV should boast about your ability to obtain essential resources through business presentation. This shows that you are a strong leader and have a solid knowledge of the business.
Any project manager’s ultimate goal is to deliver the projects on time and within budget. Don’t forget this goal when writing your CV. Use facts and figures to quantify and show the impact of each role. Show recruiters why you are worthy of being hired, whether you’re responsible for relocation projects or system upgrades.
You will need to have your own project management CV. However, the above list can be a good starting point. Your CV should be professionally formatted and well-structured.

By Adam