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Decide: Work smarter, reduce stress, and lead by example is a guide to making better decisions. It explains how better decision-making can lead to a balanced life. Decide explains how our decision-making habits can shape our lives and relationships. It’s also about motivation and how to get it. It is also about understanding the value of time to live a more fulfilling life.
The Decidehardcover edition measures approximately 6.1 inches in width, 1 inch thick, 9.1inches high, and weighs about 15.2 ounces. It contains approximately 208 pages, divided into 9 chapters. Apart from the hardcover edition, a Kindleedition can also be purchased. Wiley published the first edition in English in February 2014. ISBN-10: 1118554388, ISBN-13:978-1118554388
$14.06 for hardcover and $11.99 each for Kindle versions
Decideis suitable for a wide range of audiences. It is beneficial to high-ranking executives as well as students in high school and college. It is for anyone who wants to make positive changes in their lives, be a leader to others and make a difference. It is a valuable reference for executive and leadership coaches, talent managers, educators, and others.
WhatCustomers Have to Say
BrianM. (Amazon) BrianM. He described Decide as an excellent, helpful book that provides quick and easy applications that can be applied in everyday life. He has never heard the message from another speaker in the same business.
TinaA. (Amazon). TinaA. She said Decide gives her a new outlook on life and gives practical advice on organizing her to-do lists and calendars. She sent an email to the author, and received a response very quickly. This shows her passion and calling.
NaomiY. (Goodreads) NaomiY. The author explains well the psychology of scheduled vs. unscheduled tasks and gives tips on how to set aside time and complete activities that will bring growth and accomplishment, not just dodging bullets.
Style, Approach, Content
Content: Decide: Work Smarter and Reduce Stress. The book is divided into an Introduction, 9 chapters, and a Conclusion. The book begins with a story about the importance of making a decision and how it can have positive results and impact over the long-term. Chapter 1 explains the two forms of human motivation: to gain and to avoid pain. The second chapter explains how to avoid burnout, and how to create balance. The chapters that follow discuss how to prioritize tasks relative to results, how you can get the right energy, motivation, and how to better understand the value of time.
Tone/Approach: The author presents his ideas in a clear and informative manner, citing previous studies by experts. He also makes a connection with the reader, encouraging them to reflect on their lives and ask questions. He then explains his point.
Style: Decide is simple to read thanks to the common language and lack of jargon. It is clear how terms such as Gain – moving towards something you want or Prevent Pain (preventing the loss of something you already have) are explained. To help readers recall important concepts or ideas, they are highlighted or given a particular focus. Each topic is separated by headings, and paragraphs are readable in length. Iterated lists can also be used.

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