Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

In 2009, I wrote a post on career and personal goals and what I wanted before turning 35. I came up with five things. They were:
Polar bears in their natural habitat
Make a jumper I can actually wear!
Read Herodotus’ The Histories (which have sat on the shelf unopened since 1998)
Organise my photos
Write another book, which may or not be about project management.

Last week I turned 35. Now is the time to find out if I have achieved my goals.
I have also written a book about project management.
I have arranged my photos.
I haven’t taken Herodotus from the shelf, and I haven’t knit anything. I have switched to crochet and given up knitting. Although I’m much better at it than when I made my first scarf, I haven’t yet committed to a large project like a jumper.
I don’t regret not being able to wear handmade clothes or carry a 700-page book. Although I’m a tiny bit sorry I didn’t make it to the polar bears, I have been to other beautiful places.
Despite having completed some items on my list, I haven’t updated it. I wrote:
It’s not a plan for a project, and it’s certainly not a project. It’s just life, and that’s much more interesting than any list of tasks.
That belief is still my conviction, and that’s the reason I don’t feel the urge to add items right now. I feel like I’m reaching my personal goals and that I’m definitely reaching my professional goals.
There’s more to life than just checking off tasks on a checklist. As I’m on the journey to 36, I’ll just keep my eyes open for what else may come along.

By Adam