Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

I have had two periods of maternity leaves. It is not easy to return to work after having a child. My wonderful family supported me during my maternity leave and I did some freelance work. Also, my book, Shortcuts to Success was published.
After that, it was time for me to pick up the pace and get back to work. I learned a lot about how everyone can make the transition back into the workplace as smooth and seamless as possible.
These tips will help you balance your new responsibilities at work and manage your coworkers if you are returning to work soon.
Here are my top 5 tips to help you get back to work after a career break or maternity leave.
1. Arrange a handover
You should make sure you handover your cover person if they were able to look after you while you are away. Your cover person shouldn’t be let go too soon. Your company will charge you for keeping your cover person on your return to work. They will expect you to handover your job as quickly as possible. If you can negotiate, two weeks is acceptable.
You can use the handover time for them to introduce themselves to any new project stakeholders and team members, and to review the status your projects.
This guide will help you pick the right project for you.
2. Complete your paperwork
Returning to work requires paperwork. You can get paid if you have completed your Keep In Touch days while on maternity leave.
As you will likely be returning to the country at the end of the holiday year, it is important to calculate your holiday allocation. Do the forms if you were entitled to holiday or paid leave while you were away.
Many people return to work after maternity leave. If this is something you are interested in, you should request flexible working as soon as possible. Your manager will have plenty of time to review your case, and decide if flexible working is possible.
Your manager is required to consider your request in the UK, but not obliged to agree to it.
3. Accept the fact that your projects are moving on
You can’t go back to where you were, no matter how much you wish. Accept that your projects have moved on. You might have missed the celebration because some of your projects may have ended.
This could leave you wondering what you will do next. You might be asked to either take over a project already in progress or to start something entirely new.
You’ll need to accept the possibility that people you worked with on your projects may not be in need of your assistance anymore. Accept what’s next!
4. Trust your skills
It can feel like you’re in a crisis of confidence when you return from maternity leave. You’ve been away from the workplace for up to a year, and in some countries it can be even longer. Some days, your greatest achievement was making sure everyone is dressed, washed and fed.
How will you get back to work? What passwords will you remember? Or your phone number?
Trust your skills. You have been project managing a family going through transition for the past 9 months. You can do the job. So chill. You’ll feel right at home in the office.
This ebook on Imposter Syndrome will help you to feel more confident about your abilities. It will help to realize that you are not the only one feeling out of control and provide strategies to help you manage your feelings.

By Adam