Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

How to prepare for PMP certification?

PMP is a very serious exam. You need to prepare for it with a lot of effort. Although everyone’s preparation time is different, I spent around three months studying for the PMP exam. Below are a few things I did that helped me pass the PMP exam. To understand the PMI framework for project management, I read PMBOK. This is important because PMP will ask you multiple questions that may have multiple answers that you can choose from. While I was going through PMBOK, some formulae and tables that were important to me like the one on Process Groups were not lost. This was extremely helpful for my daily preparation as well as my last-minute preparation.

I also attended a Bootcamp training session that lasted 4 days. I’m certain you would agree with me that my goal is to obtain the PMP certification. I attended a Boot camp to help me prioritize my preparation.

I used to read one chapter, then attempt the practice questions at end. This helped me clarify any confusions I had while answering tricky questions.

To get an idea of the time it takes to answer 200 questions in one sitting, I took several full-length mock tests. PMP’s exam lasts 4 hours. This is a lot of time spent sitting still and trying to focus on the exam. My job experience has taught me to be mobile and check on the progress of my team or answer calls. Multiple mock tests helped me to get used to the length of the exam. It also helped me identify the areas where I excelled and those that were not. This helped me to adjust my preparation plan and strengthen the areas I was failing to do well.

I had a good night’s sleep before the exam and was relaxed. It’s a good idea to take a day off the day before the exam.

I had a snack high in carbs, water, and a pair of earplugs. The testing center has a list of prohibited items. It is important to note that calculators are not allowed. For more information, refer to PMI.

You should always have your original identification with you. This could be your passport, driving license, or any other ID issued by the Government. Please note that Library cards and Social Security cards are not accepted. For more information, please visit PMI’s site.

To get settled, arrive at the test center at least twenty minutes in advance

A tutorial of 15 minutes will be given before the exam. You will also receive empty paper and pencils. You can use the 15 minutes and the pencils and papers to your advantage. I jotted down key information that was useful during the exam.

The exam lasts for 4 hours. To save time, you should take breaks to recharge. You must log out each time you take a rest and log back in.

I made sure to only hit the questions that I was confident about. I marked the rest for later, and I revisited them after I had reviewed all 200 questions. I attempted several more questions that I knew a lot about, but was not as confident about than the ones I cleared the first time. You should always keep an eye on your timer to make sure you don’t miss anything.

By Adam