Sun. Aug 14th, 2022


Are you ready for your PMP preparations? You are not sure how to prepare for the PMP exam. To pass your PMP exam, you need a solid plan that is specific, real, time-bound, and achievable. Without a solid plan, you might be confused or lose your way. It takes between 20 days and one year to complete the PMP certification. This depends on your ability and how much time you devote to your preparation each day. Your PMP preparation covers the initial stage, eligibility criteria and the final certification. Are you confused about your plan? Let’s talk about how to prepare for your PMP. First, check if you are eligible to apply to PMP Certification. Are you able to demonstrate the required experience and have you completed enough PDUs to be eligible for a PMP certification? PMI Membership: Register for PMI membership before you apply for the PMP exam. This membership allows you to save money on exam fees and re-exam fees. It also grants you access the ebooks available on the PMI website. You can also join the discussion forums to get tips and advice from experts or PMP Certified persons. Applying for PMP certification: Once you have been confirmed as eligible, you can apply for the exam. It takes some time to complete the form. You have 90 days to complete the form. You don’t have to fill the form in one go. Your preparation begins from the moment you submit your form. Make a Study Plan: Create a study plan and start following it from the first day. Analyze which areas you need more attention. Ask yourself the most important questions.
Are I familiar with all the Knowledge Areas and Process Groups in PMP?
Which type of organization have you never worked in? etc.

You can now plan your time. Study Material: You can use study material to help you prepare. Examine PMBoK5 (the most recent edition) and go through each section and chapter. It is worth rereading as many times as possible. You won’t get enough knowledge by only reading PMBoK. For your preparations, you will need to read other reference books. An online course can be taken that will help you understand the PMBoK. GreyCampus offers a PMP training course. It is available in both online and classroom formats. It contains Kim Heldman’s content and gives you 35 PDUs for PMP certification. Tips and Techniques: Get ready with these tips and techniques. Divide your study into sections to make it easier. Take a break from studying and focus on one process each day. This will increase your concentration, refresh your mind, and improve your grasping power. Practice Tests: You should take as many practice tests as possible. This will boost your confidence and give you the feeling of taking the actual exam. You can also practice 200 questions in three hours. You will improve your accuracy in answering the questions the more you practice. Final Week before the exam. On the last week of the exam, take mock tests and revise as often as possible. Reread all concepts and any notes you made during revision. Stress is not an option. PMP is not a battle. Relax and enjoy the exam. If you are dedicated to your preparations for the PMP certification exam, it will be easy. The hardest part is getting started. Start your preparations now to be able to complete them later.

By Adam