Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

First, admitting that you have a Project is the first step in conquering Christmas. Your skills as a Project Manager are a great way to make your experience more real-world than Santa’s sleigh. Are you still worried that you won’t be able to pull it off? We’re here to help you with our “Project Manage Your Christmas” guide. We give you a gift.

Identify the goals you want to achieve with Project Christmas and plan how you will make them happen. Your family is a great resource, often untapped. They will have high expectations of you to create amazing festive magic. But they can also make it happen. It’s a team thing to be appreciated and to see their hard work pay off. Give the Christmas cards to the children and ask your partner to help with the decorations. Delegation is important and can make your life easier.

Your family is invested in Project Christmas because they are involved in making it a great day. It’s up to you to manage their expectations. Be upfront about your budget. This might encourage them to give up on the idea of a 7,000-piece Lego set and instead opt for something more affordable. You know your clients and you want to encourage them.

Project Managers, it is a bad idea to send Santa your Christmas list. You should be holding on to it for dear. We recommend that you create a list of resources and tasks that will help you reach your Project Christmas goals. This list should be updated as problems arise or tasks are completed. A list of goals and ideas is a good idea. This will help you to plan your Christmas Day.

This is also something we cannot stress enough: get as much done before Christmas Day. You’ve seen those ads where everyone seems calm and nobody is running around trying to find the gravy powders. It’s impossible to imagine that they didn’t start work on Christmas early; they probably have enough time to make gravy from scratch anyway. Before you set a deadline, think about what needs to get done and who should do it. It’s December 25th.

It seems that no matter how much you prepare for Christmas Day, there is always something wrong. Perhaps you had two conflicting guests last year; maybe you forgot to put the parsnips out; maybe the table extenders weren’t secured properly before you set out plates. Maybe you still haven’t managed to get the cranberry sauce off the carpet.

Historical information is a great resource for any project. It can help you decide how to succeed or fail. You will likely have used Christmas Past’s successes and mistakes to help you determine Christmas Present’s scope, requirements, risks, and benefits. Keep track of the year’s results. You’ll need them for Christmas Yet To Come.

It can be easy to lose focus of the important things when all you do is plan, prepare, and execute. Christmas is a celebration. Your team should celebrate a successful project. You can micromanage your family and focus too much on the negatives, which will make them reluctant to take part in future projects. You must keep your team motivated and upbeat, and take the time to celebrate the successes. It’s your right.

By Adam