Mon. Jul 4th, 2022’s Josh Nankivel is conducting a survey to determine the impact of the current economic situation on project management. Send us your stories and anecdotes.
He has received responses from all over the globe so far: India, Mexico (Costa Rica), Holland, Germany, France and Canada, but none from the UK. I’m about filling the survey in to ensure we have some representation!
Josh has allowed me to see the interim results. The feedback so far has been mixed. People generally report that there is less hiring, which means that resources are less available for projects. However, the upheaval in Project Management seems to be lower than in other areas. There is more desire to do ‘proper project management to ensure that the right projects get completed on time and within budget. Some respondents report the reverse: projects that are stuck because of a lack of capital investment. It is also important to consider the impact of falling commodity prices. The impact of the falling price of commodities is less severe for the public sector than for the private sector, as you would expect.
One respondent pointed out that project managers who do well and keep their jobs are those who bring something extra to the job, such as the ability to motivate, overcome barriers and get things done. He/she also pointed out that these are people who will do well in a strong economy.
What’s it like to be a human?

By Adam